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Who We Are

GlobalxSolutions is an opportunity provider for individuals, Business owners, Start-ups, small to medium size Companies and Agencies to outsource their e-Commerce web development & software development projects.

We provide small to medium sized businesses with a full range of Web Services including high quality Custom Website Design, Website Development and Search Marketing services. Our clients range from small start-up businesses, to sizeable, brand recognizable organizations. Whatever your business, we will help it to perform better just like we’ve done for our clients.
We provide interactive technology, strategy and design consulting company that builds effective web and mobile applications. We make the web and mobile work for business & bring digital experiences to life.

What We Do

We are here to solve problems and help your business grow. Many things can hold a business back such as repetitive tasks, disconnected systems, and inefficient manual processes. This waste can cost your business valuable resources and prevent you from reaching new customers or worse: risk losing existing ones. Our goal is to give you a solution to these problems and do it on time and on budget.

GlobalxSolutions mainly focus on developing softwares for other companies and individuals on a contract basis. Some companies and individual entrepreneurs prefer to get their company software, webpages, mobile applications, etc. to be made and managed by a software firm.
Our Portfolio Portfolio


This is the Ecommerce platform for Checkitthebrand, We just wanted to have a good interactive E commerce Store with some cool features.

Store Management System

This is the ERP system where store manager, user, vendor, technician, machines data are store also tickets generated for specific machines if specific machine making problem so vendor and technician are generated for specific machine plus Dashboard show the current status of each machines.

Surgical Case

Surgical Case ERP system, This system is developed in internally the Arcamed to transfer the data secure and protected through IP.

Fishing Application Website

Shinwari Farm House

Shinwari Farm House, the website of farm house where people experience farm house through web.

The Country Tour

This is the Country Tour, cover all places in pakistan to peoples who want to travel plus those who want to become a tourist guide.

A complete e-commerce platform where blinds are sales.


HBCQ Dek Hockey League Website, where live match results, news are shown.

Another complete e-commerce platform where blinds are sales.

How We We Work

Why US?

We have the best outsourcing model for software development & IT solutions.

We have completed the assigned projects with 100% success rate and fulfilled the promise of delivering on time.

At GlobalxSolutions we believe in “Low Price and High Quality” Software and IT Solution development.

We are providing cost effective Software & IT Solutions for everyone under one umbrella without languages, countries and communication barriers.

If you have a problem that you need solved, contact us using the form below to set up a meeting today. No problem is too big that it can’t be solved with a little bit of lateral thinking.


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